Take The Necessary Steps To Plan For The Future

No matter your age, planning for the future is something everyone must do. You have assets to protect, health care directives to establish and wills and trusts that need creation. Attorney J. Brett Miller of J. Brett Miller Law in Costa Mesa, California, is ready to help you make the estate plan that works for you. He will lead you through every step and ensure that all of your needs are met and everything is accounted for.

Get The Help You Need

As a certified financial planner, Mr. Miller is versed in not only the legal aspect of estate planning, but the financial aspect as well. This means Mr. Miller will help you create an estate plan that saves you the most money and he can speak directly with your financial advisers or planners without issue. Additionally, your beneficiaries will pay as little tax as possible on your assets.

Along with estate plans, Mr. Miller can help your family through the process of probate. If a loved one has died intestate (without a will), he can help you understand this process and lead you through it.

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You need a lawyer to ensure that your estate plan is legally binding, financially sound and constructed in your best interests. Call J. Brett Miller Law at 949-200-8344 to get started on your estate plan today. You can also send an email.

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